First we do the coffee, then we do the things.

What we roast

Origin Offerings

Dominican Republic

Medium Roast
Red Honey Processed
Varietal – Caturra

12oz. $15.99

Haitian Blue

Medium Roast
Washed – Patio Dried
Varietal – Blue Mountain

12oz $15.99

Colombian Royal Select SWP Decaf

Vienna Roast
Washed – Silo Drying
Varietal – Colombia, Caturra
Antioquia, Colombia

12oz $16.99

‘Las Damas de San Ignacio’

Medium Roast
Varietal – Typica, Mundonovo, Caturra & Catimor
Cooperative Agraria “Frontera San Ignacio” Ltda

12oz $15.99


Medium Roast
Fully Washed
Varietal – Caturras, Typica, Bourbon
Lekali Estate
Very Rare Coffee – Only 20 (40Kg) bags harvested each year

4oz $6.99

Tanzania Mringa Peaberry

Medium Roast
Fully Washed
Varietal – Bourbon, Kent
Mringa Estate, Arusha

12oz $14.99
Our Journey

The Mobile Espresso Bar

In July of 2014 we purchased a food truck and converted it into a mobile espresso bar using the equipment from our previous brick and mortar coffee shop. While our original plan included street vending, we found that events and catering were a better market for us and we have been rolling around New England ever since! 

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Photo of Sexy Llama Coffee Roasters Owners Amy Herrmann and Wayne Herrmann

Our Story

The mechanical breakdown of a military vehicle that I was driving in the Highlands of Guatemala in 1999 was the catalyst that drove my love of coffee from an enthusiastic consumer to devotee. While waiting for our mechanic to arrive, I explored the volcanic hillside, lined with Arabica coffee plants. I picked a cherry and removed the pulp, admiring the two little white seeds (beans) tucked away nicely in the middle. I took lots of pictures with my old school film camera, hoping that one or two might actually be okay.

Fast forward to 2004 when we opened our first brick and mortar location at a busy ski resort. Part of the decor included those photos from Guatemala, a reminder of where this all started.

In 2007 the economy began to fall into a recession and by 2009 we were no longer in a position to continue on with our brick and mortar. We put everything into storage for several years while we dealt with a down-turned economy and military deployments. 

We re-emerged in 2014 as Sexy Llama Coffee Roasters (originally Better Buzz Mobile Espresso) and have been on the road ever since!

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